Welcome Home Health is dedicated to supporting both the individual as well as whole population health during complex health care transitions. The business of patient care faces many uncertainties as health care reform changes the cost and revenue future for health systems, provider groups, ACOs, self-funded employers,TPAs, and health plans. We accelerate the development of improved care transition programs with a significant ROI:

  • Reduction in inappropriate/unnecessary readmissions and utilization
  • Improvement in readmission, quality of care, and patient engagement scores
  • Personalized, high-touch care at a lower-cost than in-home provider visits
  • Actionable patient data and metrics

If you are currently grappling with how to lower costs while providing the highest quality care, we can help. Or, if you have already developed an in-house care transition team, we can expand the effectiveness of your existing care models. We specialize in assisting with:

  • Reducing hospital readmissions
  • Reducing visits to ER (post-hospital and SNF discharge)
  • Bundled Payment Models (BPCI, CJR, Cardiac)
  • Complex, chronic condition management
  • High-risk pregnancy
  • Cancer treatment

Patients Have Direct Access to a Health Advocate at the Push of a Button

  • Monitoring and predicting patients and profiles most likely to readmit.
  • Reducing readmissions.
  • Real-time monitoring of CMS penalty measures.
  • Program ROI reporting.
  • Immediate connectivity to Health Advocate, physician, pharmacist, and 911 services when health questions arise.


  • Pharmaceutical reconciliation within 24 hours of discharge.
  • Digital reminders for prescribed medication administration schedule.
  • Scheduled appointment with patient’s health care provider team.
  • Health coaching with a certified Health Advocate.

What Do Our Patients and Partners Say About Welcome Home Health?

We love our patients and are fully dedicated to keeping them healthy by offering 24 /7 advocate care!

“I feel like I would not have survived my last couple months without the help of Welcome Home Health. They taught me to take control of my health needs. I now have a daily routine with a step by step approach to follow my medical conditions.”
“With Welcome Home Health I felt like I had a partner who was there to support me, it allowed me to focus on getting well. It was very different than my first back surgery experience.”

“I’m a dinosaur, but I’m willing to try to work with you. Well Sir, you’re in luck, we built this for dinosaurs!”

CEO introducing Tablet to 94 year old patient.

“Nearly 100% of our patient medicine reconciliations require us to document additional medications that the hospital or physician office was not aware that the patient was taking. Once informed, providers make the necessary changes, and we immediately get back to our patients to ensure that they are strictly following the physician approved medicine regime.”
Chris, Staff Pharmacist
“Welcome Home Health is a welcome partner. Some of our chronic condition patients need more ongoing oversight than we can provide in the clinical setting. Our unnecessary patient visits and phone calls have dramatically lowered since we began working with Welcome Home Health.”

Emergency Medical Care, NYC

Doctor Okhravi
“In the pilot, Welcome Home Health asked to work with patients who were not familiar with technology and videoconferencing, within three days patients began looking forward to the calls from Welcome Home Health’s advocates.”

Synergy HomeCare, NYC

Mickey Hoelscher,
Executive Director
Welcome Home Health’s relationship building patient engagement philosophy is why we selected them to support our clients who have significant health issues.

Attorney- Guardian

Chris, Attorney-PNW