Welcome Home Health allows clinicians to work at the top of their license.

The Welcome Home Health (WHH) model accelerates the development of improved care transition services by focusing on three key areas:

Patient Engagement

Patients report they look forward to HA calls within 3 days of utilizing our service. We create a better experience through focusing on kindness, dignity, compassion, and candor inspiring patients to get and stay well.

Increasing Efficiencies of Clinical Staff

Providing high touch, low cost connections. Providers are only contacted when a patient’s condition exceeds clinical thresholds.

Comprehensive Health Analysis

Extensive data tracking and observations provide a complete picture of patients’ status and recovery process.

Our Services


We collect continuous patient data (on-boarding to discharge, 24/7) to establish predictive capabilities.

WHH develops custom levels of care transition services for our clients based on their requirements and areas of need. Our service and technology suite include the following:

Perform Clinical Patient Triage

  • 911 / EMS Calls

  • Referral Pattern Changes

  • Unexpected (good or bad)

  • Physician / PCP Satisfaction

  • Cost Savings / Cost Avoidance

  • Accuracy of Medication Reconciliation

  • Patient Compliance

Data Analysis

  • Patient Demographics

  • Discharge Orders / Medication Reconciliation

  • Co-morbidities

  • Social Determinant Measures

  • Richmond Agitation-Sedation Scale (RASS) Score

  • Length of Stay (LOS) in Program

  • Call Analysis

Complete Patient Engagement Model

  • Integrated remote patient monitoring, including value of experience, ease of use, access, and patient survey with recommendations and success stories.

  • Not diagnosis specific.

  • Trained to deal work with multiple patient co-morbidities.

How Welcome Home Health compares to other services:


Role of the Health Advocate


Health Advocates utilize robust clinical and behavioral pathways while guiding patients on their return to health.

Health Advocates are not clinicians but are service experts trained in physician directed protocols to help patients navigate their care plans within the complex healthcare system. Key Health Advocate activities include:


Care Team Coordination

A single point of contact responsible for coordinating with the entire care team, including scheduling of Home Aid products, Physical Therapy, Pharmacy, Nurses, Primary Care Physicians, Transportation, Community Services if needed, family and guardians, and other members as required.


Clinical Triage

Health Advocates elevate concerns to the clinical team and give comprehensive updates to the care team.


Available 24/7

In addition to regularly scheduled virtual visits, patients can contact Welcome Home Health 24/7 for episodic needs and clinical triage, including 911/EMS activation.


Appointment Tracking

Track and remind patients about upcoming appointments this also includes helping patients to reschedule appointments.


Health Literacy

Health Advocates speak at a level patients can understand and coach patients with dignity and kindness on how to establish healthy routines.