The concept is so simple, yet so valuable: provide patients and their caregivers an easy, reliable way to stay in touch with their health care community 24 /7 post-discharge through full recovery. To orchestrate this simple solution is no easy task. Welcome Home Health has dedicated its efforts to the creation of an in-home patient care experience that scales to large populations.

We’ve tapped the depth of knowledge and experience of experts in remote health care and integrated health delivery, information and analytical technology systems, electronic medical records, real-time video clinical consultations, and concierge-level customer services to design this innovative solution.

And we built it. The result is a well-conceived, physician-led comprehensive care transition management service. It’s called “Healthy @ Home”.

The Basics

At discharge, Welcome Home Health patients are provided a video-enabled tablet or smart phone that securely connects patients directly to our friendly, certified Video Health Advocates via a one-button push. This provides patients and caregivers immediate, high-touch access, 24/7. Our Health Advocates schedule dedicated appointments to meet with each patient to monitor and support care plan adherence. This process includes a complete medicine reconciliation with a Welcome Home Health staff pharmacist within 24-hours of discharge. Patients have 24-hour access to our Health Advocates for assistance in identifying issues and implementing the best and most effective solution for each individual patient. All data and information is shared with patients’ health care teams providing a comprehensive picture of patients’ status and needs.


We have incorporated data from readmissions research into our transition management service program. Our Health Advocates guide patients and caregivers through a 30, 60, or 90-day care transition management experience that includes:

  • Pharmaceutical reconciliation within 24 hours of discharge.
  • Health care reminders for prescribed medication administration schedule.
  • Scheduled follow up visit with patient’s health care provider team.
  • Health coaching with a certified Health Advocate.

The genesis of Healthy@Home started over seven years ago, as we were striving to scale traditional telemedicine. With our roots well embedded in remote health care delivery, and our expertise in information technology, our path to this innovative solution was paved. The more recent focus on population health, aging issues, health care reform, advances in technology, and reduction in cost for technology have all worked to allow this model to come to fruition. Patients and caregivers now have a a convenient and reliable connection to address their health care needs — all with a push of a button.

Welcome Home Health Team

The Welcome Home Health executive team understands the health care delivery system, including information technology, electronic medical records, personal health records and scalable remote health care delivery. Having led health care initiatives for the past 20 years, we have struggled with the hurdles to distribution of health care technologies to the patient in the comfort of his/her own home environment. We have created and implemented Welcome Home Health to remove those barriers and offer high quality, cost-effective, in-home care.

Founder and CEO of Welcome Home Health/EdithForge, a 20-year veteran developing sustainable infrastructure for telemedicine and integrated health care delivery services.
An innovator in emergency and acute care health delivery models with over 30 years experience in Emergency Medicine, Co-Founder NW Acute Care Specialists, Portland, OR.
A pharmacist and consultative entrepreneur, has spent the past 30 years developing integrative solutions that provide decision support to physicians with complex medicine requirments. His work has resulted in the development and sale of two pharmacy models.
Seasoned CPA, has assisted with the launch of several technology companies. Currently serves on the Board of Directors of a major regional hospital system and a medical equipment company.
Skilled strategist, has served as CEO of a commerical health insurer, Senior Policy Advisor for Health and Human Services to a Governor, and Director of the Oregon Regional Extension for Health IT, and brings her expertise to align Welcome Home Health as a key tool in new payment models and other innovative health care reform programs.
Proven executive, skilled in driving strategy, corporate and business development, sales/marketing and operations, creating successful technology and health care analytics business models.
Development and operations for Tier 1-111 technology and customer service help desks in the University Medical Center Setting. HIPAA Compliance Officer.